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Perfectly integrate content, technology and services to create an efficient comprehensive service solution for foreign trade
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Pingliang Shengti Foreign Trade Service Co., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade comprehensive service enterprise. It mainly provides you with product information, logistics, customs clearance and agency for the import and export of goods in China. It involves agricultural products, consumer electronics, clothing, department stores and other industries. After long-term operation, the huge number of users and various demands enable the company to create an ecological growth atmosphere for various services related to import and export, accurately locate user needs, constantly improve the service concept, continue to match the degree of user fit, and provide you with more comprehensive one-stop, whole chain, intelligent and comprehensive services.
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Foreign trade comprehensive service platform
The whole process one-stop trade service can shorten the trade process and reduce the cost; Professional and efficient service team makes foreign trade easier; Powerful and efficient information system to realize online service. Solve the information asymmetry contradiction between small and medium-sized enterprises and banks; It solves the problem that banks cannot control the trade process; The obstacles of bank credit threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises have been solved.
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